Welcome, Teachers!

This page is designed to provide a quick orientation to help you get started using AthenaBridge software.  Create a free account (for teachers of grades 5-12 only, for other uses please see the pricing on our homepage).  This software runs in the web browser; no downloads are necessary.

3-min Overview

7-Min Walk-through

Video of a Blended Classroom Debate (In-Person & Online)


We recommend blending this software with in-person discussion: 15 min online, then 15 min in-class discussion, then 10 min online, and then 10 min in-class discussion.  Opening up an online participation channel has several advantages:

  • allows for a much higher bandwidth for simultaneous communication and interaction (with in-class discussion a max of one person can speak to the class at any given time),
  • gives students an opportunity to practice written communication,
  • gives shy students a chance to add their ideas, and
  • bypasses the popularity contest by letting students examine ideas based on reasons without knowing who wrote them (only the teacher knows).

Be sure to watch the 7-min video, then get started by creating a free account!  

After you set up a conversation (which can consist of brainstorming, deliberation, summarization, and/or voting) send students the link to that conversation and then they can create their own non-admin account there.

Contact Us

We are committed to helping you get the most out of our software.  Please do not hesitate contact us with your questions and suggestions: hello@athenabridge.com.  Feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section below.


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