Privacy Policy

Maintaining the privacy and security of your personal information is our priority. 

OnlineTownhalls.Com:  Although all conversations on OnlineTownhalls are public, the personal information of each participant is kept confidential.  Each online townhall is organized by a client that hires us to run a conversation for them.  This client hosts the conversation and invites the participants.  The name of the client is always clearly marked on the overview tab of the conversation.  We provide each client with a summary of the conversation; this includes an Excel file of all the points and the data associated with each point (i.e. author’s username, date/time published, which point was being responding to, when the point was published, how many people rated the point, what the average rating of the point is, etc).  Points may also be displayed on a geographic map according to the postal/zip code of the author.

We ensure that none of this data personally further identifies participants or which points participants published unless the author includes their real name in their username.  As would be expected on any commenting website, the author’s username is visible next to the point he/she published.  Email addresses of the participants are furnished to the client so that they can follow up with participants via email, however to protect each participant’s privacy we keep email addresses separate from points so that the client will not know which points were made by which email address.

If a participant signs into OnlineTownhalls via Facebook, we will save and provide to the client basic demographic information that the participant has already made public on their Facebook profile.  As with email addresses, we will not associate any of this demographic information with any of the comments; this information will only be provided in aggregate (i.e. 53% of the participants were female, 22% of the participants were from England, etc).

Updated on March 9, 2012.

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One Response to “Privacy Policy”

  1. Patricia Gallagher Says:

    Thank you for addressing the very important issues of behavioral health issues. It seems to me that care is lacking for a family like mine, who at the time, had serious issues in our family. We had insurance that covered my husband’s medical care after his jump from a hospital window but the mounting co-pays for all of his physical appointments, sometimes, over a hundred dollars per week, out of pocket and then the therapy for children and wife put an added burden on a family that was shattered emotionally by the event. We did not get the emotional care that we needed at the time. We have written a book to help other families and hopefully the thoughts in the book can help others who may be in similar situations, reaching out for help and not finding it. Then suffering and coping in silence.

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