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Visually Structured Analytic Software

Visually Structured Analytic Software

Overview: The AthenaBridge.Org website is provided as a free public service by AthenaBridge Inc, a veteran-owned small business based in Washington, DC. The underlying software is called Visually Structured Analytic Software (VSAS).

VSAS uses a patent-pending method for organizing knowledge. This method is a unique combination of collaborative filtering and conversation mapping. VSAS serves two purposes:

  • Inside an organization: streamline communication with external customers
  • Outside an organization: streamline communication with external customers

Customized versions of VSAS are available for

  • Businesses
  • Government Agencies
  • News Organizations
  • School Districts

VSAS Method: The purpose of conversation mapping is to represent ideas in a user-friendly, visual format. Related ideas are connected to each other in a map so that participants do not have to sift through irrelevant messages to follow a conversation. This is a significant improvement over “reply-to-all” email and listservs. Unlike a wiki, an unlimited number of people can edit a map simultaneously. Each map is dynamic and adjusts to show the highest-rated ideas at any given time.

VSAS uses several algorithms to track the contributions and credibility of individual participants. Participants who contribute high-quality ideas are given more authority when rating the ideas of others.

Integration: VSAS can also be embedded easily into existing web pages and information systems. This is significant, because rather than having to go to a separate page, intended audiences can engage in conversation where they already assemble. For distributed conversations across many organizations, the same map module can be embedded into dozens of websites and still will build one centralized conversation.

Use Cases Scenarios: VSAS supports many forms of communication such as discussions, debates, brainstorming, commenting on draft documents, and large-scale chats. Conversations can be synchronous (like chat) or asynchronous and develop over weeks (like forums and wikis). Conversations are public and can be mined for wisdom long after a senior employee has retired; this is a significant advantage over email which is not searchable across an entire organization. Due to its modular and object-oriented construction, it is designed to be adapted and customized to the specific needs of an organization.

Contact us at for more information.

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