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Our software has undergone many changes since we started in 2008.  We are very excited to have released a beta version of our latest software in January 2013 at AthenaBridge.com.

Image of previous clients: ASU, NASA, State Department, etc

About the AthenaBridge software platform:
  • The platform has four tools that can be used independently or in any combination:
    • The brainstorming tool is for answering open-ended questions.
    • The deliberation tool is for facilitating an in-depth discussion of specific statements/hypotheses.
    • The summary tool enables the top participants to highlight the key points from brainstorming and deliberation.
    • The voting tool helps identify the areas of consensus.
  • The platform works well for small groups collaborating on a specific topic, and it works for thousands of participants in an open, public conversation.
  • Conversations can be public or private.
  • No technical expertise is required to start; an organizer only needs to create an account and choose the questions/statements that he/she will open up to the participants.  Advanced capabilities (for how to handle large numbers of participants) are easy to understand after watching a short video or seeing it explained in a webinar.
  • Data is easy to export in the form of a PDF.
Your organization could use the software for these purposes:
  • Host a monthly series of in-depth public debates among members about current events or new regulations.
  • Make better strategic plans by collecting input for strategic planning purposes from founding members.
  • Identify areas of consensus on emerging topics where no consensus has yet been established.
  • Open up a participation channel prior to large webinars/teleconferences to make them significantly more interactive.

Contact us at hello@athenabridge.com to get started!



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