Selected by UNL for National Science Foundation Grant


University of Nebraska LogoWe’re excited to announce that a research group from the University of Nebraska has chosen AthenaBridge as the technology platform for their $490,000 grant from the National Science Foundation!  The title of the project is “Investigating the Role of Distrust in Unauthorized Online Activities Using an Integrated Sociotechnical Approach”.

We’re fascinated by the researchers’ approach which will use our software to investigate how far everyday Internet users will go if they had the capability to sabotage comments of others in an online discussion.  Collaborating with the team from UNL will offer us some key insights about the social dynamics of online discussions which we look forward to integrating right back into the software.

There are also some great opportunities on the technology side– as part of the project we will begin exploring how third-party applications can integrate into the AthenaBridge platform via our API.  As we move down this path, software developers will be able to build new visualizations for AthenaBridge conversations, adding to the existing standard and map views and providing more options for conversation participants.



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