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Online & In-Person Blended Collaboration Model

March 21, 2013

Quality time for in-person collaboration is extremely valuable and rare.  By creating online participation channels before, during, and after in-person meetings, you can dramatically increase the bandwidth of communication and streamline idea flow within the group.

Diagram of online and in-person collaboration workflow

Combine AthenaBridge tools for brainstorming, deliberating, summarizing, and voting to customize the collaboration experience for your participants.


Root Causes of Bad Decisions

March 8, 2013

It’s self-evident that misguided decision-making processes can lead to bad decisions.  Here are some root causes of bad decisions:

  • lack of data
  • wrong or incomplete assumption set
  • incorrect framing of an issue (“Are we asking the right question?”)
  • not admitting that any problems exist
  • interference by emotions
  • asking the wrong question
  • cognitive biases
  • groupthink
  • politics of an organization
  • short-term thinking
  • waiting for a crisis to happen before acting
  • failure to rigorously debate the proposed solutions
  • failure to gain input from those who will be implementing the decision, leading to lack of ownership during implementation

From your perspective, what’s missing from the list?