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DC Citability Codeathon

April 6, 2010

The Citability Codeathon is coming to DC this weekend.  If you’re in the area and are a software developer this should be both productive and social.  Silona Bonewald from the League of Technical Voters is putting it together.

More info from the Codeathon website: and the are compatible League of Technical voters projects aimed at improving government accessibility and accountability. We want to ensure all online information is readily available and easily referenced. By using advanced permalinks as citations, users can point to specific parts of government documents. Permalinks allow for stable, long-term reference points to documents, prohibiting deletion of important information, and allowing for a better flow of information online.

We’re excited about this at AthenaBridge, because it’s much easier to have a conversation (what we do) when there is a specific paragraph to reference in legislation and regulations.  We hope to see you there!